The Fry Cook - SPEAK OF THE DEVIL POD - 2.04

October 3rd, 2019

2.04  The Fry Cook

We all started somewhere.  Some fry cooks go on to become one of our culture's biggest influencers, some of us need more time to cook. 

Shane and Nannerl discuss some of their and others' upward climbs and Nannerl gets bitchy over what a hobbyist vs pro is in performance.


Precooking, grunt work, fry cook, hair dressers, waitresses, mind readers, people readers, bartender, controlling the room, service industry, serve to be served, power dynamic, Anton LaVey the fry cook, church of Satan, good guy, blue cheese salad dressing, pumpkin spice and ranch dressing, cheddar and feta cheese, Chicago hot dog, cops, club bouncer, sex worker survival, the good guy badge, manipulation as survival, struggle and accomplishment, blue collar,