The Adversary - SPEAK OF THE DEVIL POD 2.06

October 5th, 2019

2.06  The Adversary

The absolute bread and butter (gluten free if you prefer, but always real butter)

Of what makes someone or thing 'Satanic' .  It doesn’t necessarily mean an antagonist or opposition to the same targets, but hey, listen and find out what Nannerl and Shane are talking about here.  Groupthink strongly discouraged.


Adversary, meatballs, blue cheese, bread makes Shane puffy, coffee brings out the Alex Jones in Shane, the system at large, dimwits, counterculture, the wolf the sheep hearder and the heard, Ozzy, outlaw, selling coffee as outlaw, Led Zeppelin, king diamond burger, Lord's of chaos, varg, black metal, pissing on your own grave, buried with coins, death and being buried, nannerl owns Shane's dead body, abused can take the power out of abuse, concealing weakness, crying, mental illness, sculpting with words, strength through weakness, honest and the occult, no mask, the masked are the weak, look me in the eyes to kill me, depression, triggered by the news, internet satanism, Satan, satanic, official church of Satan jokes, the old man, individual interpretation of your own life, exploring self without hesitation, need to fail, Dave Archer, gangs and cults, putting the master on their back, stand out or fit in, the genuine self, generous, the master,