The Trenchcoat Diaries - SPEAK OF THE DEVIL POD 3.07

January 19th, 2020

The Trenchcoat Diaries


**Barking Dog WARNING! My sincerest apologies, my puppy barked and was being naughty during this recording. There are a few barks here and there, and theyre not as earsplitting as they were IRL, but they are there, and Mea Culpa if they are annoying.


An imfamous zine published by Shane in 1999, complete with coverage about the Columbine shooting, details about Eric Harris/Dylan Klebold's lives, and even letters submitted by survivors of the incident.

The Zine may have faded into obscurity but the shooting still resonates in today's news.

While incredibly controversial, The Trenchcoat Diaries still holds pieces to the puzzle of why mass shootings occur and keep alive the question of if the shooters all have the same backgrounds or not.


Nannerl and Shane also reflect about how the Columbine shooting affected them when it was news.


download the trenchcoat diaries here:




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