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Welcome to the SPEAK OF THE DEVIL podcast.

This podcast is:
- The gift of occult knowledge told.
- An attempt at fighting the re-writing of Satanic history, definitely adding to it.
- Left hand path folklore from the outsiders perspective.
- Released in multiple episode for your bing listening enjoyment.
- Your host Nannerl, speaking with the Devil, Shane Bugbee.

Who is Shane Bugbee? Shane Bugbee IS THE DEVIL! 

A friend of Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey, Shane played an instrumental role in the foundation of the Satanic Temple.
Mr. Shane Bugbee is an underground legend. He has been an artist, publisher, writer, photographer, filmmaker, sculptor, historical figure, a historian, a seeker, a teacher and even for a brief period – a successful soda-pop purveyor. 

Who is Nannerl? An eternal witch just hitting 500 years old, a youngster in eternal life. She is the host... She IS the Devils Kapellmeister.